Ed Sheeran: Songwriter

  • Murray Cummings
  • United States
  • 2018
  • 84 min
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A modest portrait of the most successful singer-songwriter of the moment: Ed Sheeran. We follow the British popstar as he works on his latest album Divide. He’s surrounded by a varied collection of people, from his producer Benny Blanco to his cousin, his brother, his girlfriend and his father. We quickly start to feel as if we’re part of this relaxed put passionate group. Together, we watch the magical process in which you start out with nothing, and then suddenly everyone can feel it: this is the hit.

It still seems to take Sheeran by surprise as well. “Songs are weird things,” he reflects as he works through a composition. He talks frankly about the creative process, in which artists have to dare to come up with lots of junk before they produce a hit. Despite his unglamorous appearance, the musician has huge ambitions: “I don’t want to be the male Adele, I want to be Adele.”

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  • 84 min
Murray Cummings
Murray Cummings / Murray Pictures, Kimmie Kim
Executive producer
Stefan Demetriou, Stuart Camp
William Bean
Ben Wainwright-Pearce, Murray Cummings, Alejandro Reyes-Knight
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