• Aleksandra Maciejczyk
  • Poland
  • 2018
  • 18 min
  • World Premiere
  • IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

Krysztof is going skiing with his wife Wiola, who is also his guide. Early in the morning they start getting ready, looking for their helmets and discussing the weather. Before they board the ski lift, they give the Bluetooth gadgets in their helmets one last check. Everything’s working fine.

We follow the middle-aged couple up the mountain. The higher we climb, the more we learn about their lives—their plans for the evening, her health problems, their worries about the future. They smile at each other’s teasing and stay good-humored, even when a thick fog descends on the slopes.

When they finally reach the top, they have to find each other in these challenging circumstances and connect with the help of their technical gadgets. Subjective camerawork shows us the world as Krysztof sees it. Even when the technology lets them down, they stay connected. The film gives a whole new heartwarming meaning to the expression “trusting each other blind.”


  • 18 min
  • color / black and white
  • Spoken languages: Polish
  • Subtitles in: English
Aleksandra Maciejczyk
Agata Golańska for The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School
Maciej Edelman
Sabina Filipowicz, Kamil Grzybowski
Paweł Idzikowski

IDFA history

World Premiere
IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

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IDFA history

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