Nobody Someday

    • Natalie Hill
    • England
    • 2001
    • 95 min
    • Reflecting Images
    ‘I hate performing’, Robbie Williams says at the beginning of NOBODY SOMEDAY. He is about to leave on a concert tour that will take him all across Europe for five weeks, but he wonders if he should continue his career as a pop star. He hates the gossip papers, hates all the attention, hates being famous – he even hates his own songs. Times are rough for 27-year-old Williams, because he has kicked his drug and booze habit for the umpteenth time, and is determined to stick it out this time. But the pressure of performing and life on the road do not make this a simple task. Without any reservation, the popular British pop star, who recently signed a 125 million Euro record deal with record company EMI, allowed director Brian Hill and his film crew behind the scenes. Williams appears to be refreshingly honest and sensible, and also as fickle as the weather. The tour has hardly started or the star is on top of the world again: ‘I’m standing on stage and thinking: “I’m ace!” and at the same time thirty thousand people scream: “I agree!” What could be better than that?’ Hill has made an intimate portrait, without relinquishing the necessary critical distance. Besides interviews with Williams and his band and crew members, NOBODY SOMEDAY contains a large number of concert excerpts, ending in Rotterdam with beautiful, goose-pimply community singing by the audience.


    • 95 min
    • color / black and white
    • 35mm
    • Spoken languages: English
    Natalie Hill
    Caroline Levy for Century Films, Clink Street Studios
    Simon Niblett, Michael Timney
    Stuart Briggs
    Andrew Boag, Ian Maclagan, George Foulghan

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