Nobody's Business

    • Alan Berliner
    • United States
    • 1996
    • 60 min
    • Retrospective: Alan Berliner
    ‘I‘m just an ordinary guy who‘s lived an ordinary life. I was in the army, I got married, I raised a family - worked hard. I had my own business. That‘s all. That‘s nothing to make a picture about.‘ Says the father of filmmaker Alan Berliner and the main character of NOBODY‘S BUSINESS. The film is the sequel to INTIMATE STRANGER (1991), in which Berliner portrayed his grandfather on the maternal side. In NOBODY‘S BUSINESS Berliner examines the history and Jewish traditions of his family‘s other half. Though his father may react reluctantly to the presence of the camera - he constantly emphasises the fact that he thinks his son‘s quest for their common past is unimportant and insignificant - the result is a recognizable sketch of family life. The film opened at the New York Film Festival in 1996 and has won various awards. Alan Berliner (New York, 1956) is active as a filmmaker and editor. He has also realised numerous works of video and audio art.


    • 60 min
    • color / black and white
    • 16mm
    • Spoken languages: English
    Alan Berliner
    Alan Berliner
    Alan Berliner, Phil Abraham, D. W. Leitner
    Alan Berliner
    Alan Berliner, Steve Robinson, Joe Judd

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    Retrospective: Alan Berliner
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