A procura de Xose

    • Sara Miranda
    • Portugal
    • 1998
    • 25 min
    • European Multicultural Media Agency
    In A PROCURA DE XOSE, the Portuguese filmmaker Sara Miranda reports on the miraculous reunion of brother Paolo and sister Parmune, who had been separated during the anticolonial wars in Mozambique. Paolo’s mother, hoping to give her son a chance of a better future, handed him over to the Portuguese army. Paolo found a true patron in Mario Cornelio. After the war, Cornelio took him back to Portugal, where he was able to start a new life. Many years later, owing to the efforts of Paolo‘s Portuguese wife Bela and investigations by the Red Cross, he is reunited with his sister, who had been thought lost, and he is introduced to the culture of his native Mokonde tribe, which is completely unknown to him.


    • 25 min
    • color
    • video
    Sara Miranda
    Paolo Forte, Marion Vargaftig for EMMA/IBT
    Nuno Jardim
    Rui de Brito

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    European Multicultural Media Agency

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