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    • Jeroen van Loon
    • Netherlands
    • 2022
    • 13 min
    • Installation, Immersive, Digital
    • World Premiere
    • DocLab: Nervous Systems, IDFA Doclab Spotlight

    Welcome to the computer hour for the elderly. Course leader Robert is here to support you with answers to all your questions about using the computer and the internet. Some of your fellow students are already at work, others are having trouble finding the right files or are getting lost on the keyboard. And you? You’re stuck in an update that’s going on forever. This gives you plenty of time to take in your fellow students and listen to how frustrating and incomprehensible new technology can be for the digitally illiterate.

    For people who grew up with mouse clicks and concepts such as “enter” and “save as,” it all seems so obvious. This VR experience, presenting a fictional metaverse in a realistic setting of office furniture and PCs, shows how hard it can be for the elderly to keep up with digital developments. The conversations you hear are audio clips from a real computer course for the elderly, adding an identifiable, funny and above all human layer to the installation.


    • 13 min
    • Spoken languages: Dutch, English
    Jeroen van Loon
    Jeroen van Loon for Studio Jeroen van Loon
    Key collaborator
    Sjoerd Mol
    Sjoerd Mol
    Sjoerd Mol

    IDFA history

    World Premiere
    DocLab: Nervous Systems
    IDFA Doclab Spotlight

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    IDFA history

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