Gol! Ukraine

    • Stephane Siohan, Matthieu Sartre
    • France
    • 2012
    • Interactive
    • International Premiere
    • IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling, DocLab Program
    An interactive tour of Ukraine, presented by French newspaper Le Monde on the occasion of the European Soccer Cup in Ukraine and Poland in the summer of 2012. Our hosts Oleg and Katya bring us into their worlds by way of 12 documentary film shorts. Oleg's world revolves around soccer, so we get a portrait of Dynamo Kiev's biggest (and loudest) fan, interviews with Ukrainian soccer superstars Zoltan Sabo and Olexander Zavarov, and a film about sunflower seeds, Ukraine's biggest export product and a favorite snack in the stands. Katya shows us what's at the heart of modern-day Ukraine: soccer in Chernobyl; a tram ride through Lvov, the city at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe; the fallout of the Orange Revolution in 2004; a portrait of Sasha, who works as a prostitute but is also just a girl. The films can be played in sequence, switching back and forth between Oleg and Katya's world, or selected individually. What's more, the website offers a game-like experience in which information on soccer players is unlocked by fulfilling certain tasks. Also, fictional versions of Oleg and Katya lived their lives on Facebook in the run-up to the site's launch in June of 2012. Gol! Ukraine will be presented at DocLab Live: Interactive home Movies.


    • color / black and white
    • cross-platform
    • Spoken languages: Ukranian, French
    • Subtitles in: French
    Stephane Siohan, Matthieu Sartre
    Mathieu Détaint for Kids up hill
    Le Monde Interactif, Alexis Delcambre
    Matthieu Sartre, Christian Beuchet
    Christian Beuchet, Matthieu Parmentier, Antoine Prévost, Sandrine Romet-Lemmone

    IDFA history

    International Premiere
    IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling
    DocLab Program

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    IDFA history

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