Meet Me in the Bathroom

    • Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern
    • United Kingdom
    • 2022
    • 105 min
    • Dutch Premiere
    • Best of Fests

    New York’s music scene seemed to have fizzled out after the glorious punk and disco years of the 1970s and 80s. But as the 21st century approached (and the third millennium) things started happening again, especially in Brooklyn. Stories from several front men and one front woman from various upcoming bands of the time paint a picture of a new musical generation. We hear from Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Paul Banks (Interpol), Adam Green (Moldy Peaches), James Murphy (founder of DFA Records and LCD Soundsystem), among others.

    The film captures the bands in their earliest days with plenty of unique, never-before-seen footage from their very first performances, sometimes in nearly empty venues. The musicians talk about their ambitions, insecurities and doubts, and the price of quick fame. Historical events such as the turn of the millennium and 9/11 also make an appearance in this fast-cut musical portrait of New York.


    • 105 min
    • color
    • DCP
    • Spoken languages: English
    • Subtitles in: Not applicable
    Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern
    Andrew Cross, Vivienne Perry, Sam Rice-Edwards
    Suroosh Alvi, Thomas Benski, Sam Bridger, Marisa Clifford, Danny Gabai, Vivienne Perry
    Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace
    Andrew Cross, Sam Rice-Edwards

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