My Olympic Summer

  • Daniel Robin
  • United States
  • 2007
  • 12 min
  • European Premiere
  • IDFA Competition for Student Documentary
A melancholy voice-over comes straight to the point: the marriage of filmmaker Daniel Robin has failed. He and his wife have not managed to deal with the inevitable problems that creep into so many marriages. Against this background, the tormented director re-examines the 8mm films that were made of his parents' budding happiness. In his present state of mind, they end up acquiring an entirely different meaning. When he subsequently finds an unsent letter from his unhappy mother to his father and an undeveloped film reel, the significance of the footage grows even more. My Olympic Summer is an investigation into the authenticity of home movies. To what extent do they present a sincere and complete picture of reality? In 12 minutes, the director not only refutes the idealised image he had of his parents, but also reveals how an international drama gave their marriage a new beginning. When his father, an American rabbi, was kidnapped with the Israeli Olympic team during the 1972 Games, and was subsequently the only hostage to be released, his mother came to her senses in Munich. The marriage endured, and one week after his father's return, the filmmaker was born.


  • 12 min
  • color / black and white
  • video
  • Spoken languages: English
  • Subtitles in: English
Daniel Robin
Daniel Robin
Daniel Robin
Daniel Robin
Alex Potss

IDFA history

European Premiere
IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

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