Where Heaven Meets Hell

    • Sasha Friedlander
    • Indonesia / United States
    • 2012
    • 54 min
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    In Eastern Java, Indonesia, lies the active volcano, Kawah Ijen, where 500 sulfur miners carrying backbreaking loads, traverse treacherous terrain amidst spectacular vistas and toxic gases. Where Heaven Meets Hell relays the stories of four of these miners, who risk their lives and health daily in an industry we rely on for sugar, matches and cosmetics. This visually stunning and intimate film chronicles their attempts to escape the endemic poverty and lack of education that haunts their community. Drawing strength from their families and Muslim faith, these miners inspire us as they search for meaning in their daily struggles and triumphs.

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    • 54 min
    • color
    • video
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    SASHA Films, LLC
    World Sales
    Michael Thornton for Forward Entertainment
    Sasha Friedlander
    Sasha Friedlander for SASHA Films, LLC
    Executive producer
    Sally Jo Fifer for ITVS International
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