• Daan Bol
  • Netherlands, The
  • 2016
  • 25 min


Playing records, practicing for gigs together and giggling about who can let off the foulest farts: this is what life is all about for the three teenagers Sia, Bas and Vince. Together, they form the Dutch psychedelic blues-rock band Morganas Illusion. Then Sia becomes depressed – it looks like his illness will have major consequences for his friendship with the two other band members, not to mention the success of the band. As they lie chilling out on a Persian rug, Bas and Vince talk about how devastating it is for them to see their singer and guitarist Sia so sick. We watch as Sia celebrates his 16th birthday, wearing big sunglasses like a real rock star. But when the camera gets a close-up of his wrist, it becomes clear how bad things have become for the talented teenager. Will Morganas Illusion ever be the energetic rock band it once was? This is a moving coming-of-age story about depression and the beneficial, healing effects of music and friendship.

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  • 25 min
  • color
  • DCP
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Daan Bol
Katja Draaijer for BALDR Film, Thu Ha Nguyen Thi for VPRO
Wilko van Oosterhout
Luuk van Stegeren
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