Pink Ribbons, Inc.
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Pink Ribbons, Inc.
IDFA 2011

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Léa Pool
98 min
International Premiere
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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. As one of the scientists interviewed puts it, "The most important risk factor in getting breast cancer is being a woman." Women diagnosed with breast cancer in Western countries inevitably come into contact with Pink Ribbon: a movement that seems at first glance to be a sympathetic source of resistance, hope and action. In cooperation with companies, dedicated fanatics organize marathons and other sponsored activities to collect funds for research into a cure. But in spite of all the billions this brings in, the cure remains elusive. This critical, investigative documentary gives a platform to a range of scientists and opinion makers to talk about the origins and the mechanisms behind Pink Ribbon. Patients and feminists also cast a light on this pink power movement, which turns out to have powerful marketing potential. Breast cancer, it seems, is a "dream cause" with a huge, homogeneous group of potential customers: all women. Research has shown that in 80% of homes in North America, women determine how the money gets spent - a fact that paints a somewhat less than rosy picture of this combative movement.
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