• Alejandro Agresti
    • Netherlands
    • 1994
    • 10 min
    TEGENBEWEGING was part of the Holland Festival film project Hexagon this year, in which music abandoned its traditionally subordinate role in films. Six directors were requested to make a short film, starting from a musical composition. One of the filmmakers was Alejandro Agresti, who started working with Theo Verbey's composition 'Tegenbeweging' as a basis. Agresti's film contains 'countermoves' by people in Buenos Aires. The (hidden) camera registers the movements of the masses in busy streets, but also the activities of lonely people in parks and of tramps that roam the slums of the Argentinian capital. In the editing phase, Agresti complemented these images with his own 'counter moves'.


    • 10 min
    • color
    • 16mm
    Alejandro Agresti
    Allegri Film
    Ramiro Aisenson
    Alejandro Agresti
    Theo Verbey

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