Lenno & the Angelfish

  • Shamira Raphaëla
  • Netherlands, The
  • 2017
  • 19 min


Ten-year-old Lenno is always getting yelled at for annoying people, but in his mind, it’s the other people who are irritating. Using an impulsive editing style that switches quickly between moments of pleasure and anger, clashes and intimacy, this impression of how Lenno experiences the world stays very close to its subject: a lively boy with a behavioral disorder and a vivid imagination. He boxes with his younger brother, cries when he hurts himself, walks away when he gets criticized and is very pleased with the great coloring books he gets from his mother. Lenno tries to express what's going on in his head. "People think I have a problem because I get angry a lot. I think it’s stupid they say that." In a candid moment, Lenno's father admits that he too wasn’t exactly a model kid. A fanatical swimmer, Lenno empathizes with his angelfish—a species with a reputation for being aggressive, which Lenno thinks isn’t fair. He hopes the angelfish will make friends with the other fish.



  • 19 min
  • color
  • DCP
Shamira Raphaëla
Willem Baptist for Tangerine Tree, Nienke Korthof for Tangerine Tree
Jefrim Rothuizen
Albert Markus
Diego van Uden
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