Look Inside

  • Nadja van der Weide
  • Netherlands
  • 2019
  • 45
  • Immersive, Performance, Digital
  • World Premiere
  • DocLab Domesticating Reality, IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction, DocLab Program

You’re alone as you enter a house—a house belonging to someone you don’t know. Your only guide is the voice coming through a pair of headphones, inviting you to look around. How far do you go? Do you take a peek into the fridge, visit the bathroom, go through the mail, take a rest on the bed? The hyper-realistic audio tour Look Inside is the second part of a series of works with the collective title Common Good. Through these, social theater maker Nadja van der Weide investigates how we can be open to real contact with others.

While the voice makes you feel at home, you also become aware of the of the traces of the unknown residents: they didn’t clean up before you entered. Experiencing the vulnerability of someone’s most intimate space creates a tender context for reflection. What is voyeurism, and how does this voyeuristic adventure make you feel?

Winner of the 2018 Netherlands Film Fund DocLab Interactive Grant.


  • 45
  • Spoken languages: English
Nadja van der Weide
Nicky Hessel
Key collaborator
Bente van Arkel, Lenneke Rauh, Sara de Monchy
the Shameful Office
Technical artist
Roelof Knol

IDFA history

World Premiere
DocLab Domesticating Reality
IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction
DocLab Program

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IDFA history

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