The Industry VR

    • Mirka Duijn
    • Netherlands
    • 2018
    • Interactive, Immersive, Linear
    • DocLab Humanoid Cookbook, IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction
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    The Netherlands is the drug capital of Europe. Marijuana is in the nation's genes, coke flows in through its harbors, and XTC is as Dutch as chocolate sprinkles. The wide-ranging documentary project The Industry, which is driven by an interactive documentary and also includes radio broadcasts and a podcast alongside this VR experience, maps the Dutch drug industry on both a macro and a micro level.

    In The Industry VR, director Mirka Duijn introduces six people working in the drug trade. Marijuana growers, coke barons and drug traffickers tell stories about the kicks and the stress of their illegal work. As you listen to their stories, you can explore the places where they work: from a suburban living room to the industrial outskirts of a small city, and from a small boat to a huge antique shop. The drug trade is everywhere—you just have to learn to recognize its often banal tell-tale signs.


      Created by
      Submarine Channel
      Mirka Duijn
      Corine Meijers for Submarine Channel, Nina Spiering
      Key collaborator
      Juul en Harm Zesbaans for Zesbaans
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