Puissance de la parole

    • Jean-Luc Godard
    • France
    • 1988
    • 27 min
    In the middle of the night a young man calls a young woman at the other side of the world. There are too many contrasts: when night falls in his world, she is just waking up. Their voices, their reproaches, fly through the universe and are flung back to earth by a satellite. In quickly changing images accompanied by the music of Bach and Cohen, the earthly, the banal is confronted with the heavenly, the things we don't want to understand with the things we cannot understand. The texts are by Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Baudelaire, and Jean-Luc Godard.


    • 27 min
    • color
    • video
    Jean-Luc Godard
    Hervé Duhamel, Marie-Christine Barrière, Philipe Malignon
    Pierre Binggeli, Caroline Champetier

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