Where You're Meant to Be

  • Paul Fegan
  • Scotland
  • 2016
  • 77 min


Is the purpose of traditional Scottish folk songs to pass on old stories? Why do these stories continue to have meaning and relevance? These are the big questions Arab Strap singer Aidan Moffat has in the back of his mind when he decides to cross Scotland (including the highlands and islands), in search of the roots of Celtic culture – a journey that results in stunning shots of the Scottish landscape. Along the way the plain-talking Moffat meets countless eccentrics – including people who reenact historic battles. The witty singer has no qualms about updating or shortening the ancient folk songs in order to build a bridge to the present. This earns him the ire of 79-year-old Sheila Stewart (who died shortly after filming), a folk legend who has spent her whole life maintaining the rich tradition of Scottish song. It’s a tradition she believes should be left unchanged and of which she gives a practical demonstration in a live concert, her powerful solo voice going straight for the heart in a ballad about the devastating power of the sea.

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  • 77 min
  • color
  • DCP
Screening copy
Scottish Documentary Institute
Paul Fegan
Paul Fegan for Better Days Productions Ltd
Executive producer
Sonja Henrici, Mark Thomas, Stewart Henderson, Noe Mendelle
Julian Schwanitz
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