Dream Homes Property Consultants

    • Alexandra Handal
    • England
    • 2013
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    Expropriated Palestinian houses are repackaged on the Israeli real estate market as "Arab-style." Their factual history is concealed behind this architectural euphemism. Taking the form of an on-line real estate agency, this web-based documentary revisits the individual history of these homes, uncovering Palestinian stories of displacement, dispossession and cultural cleansing from West Jerusalem. Built over the course of six years, Dream Homes delves into the memories of the Palestinian inhabitants who were chased out by Zionist forces in 1948. At first sight, the project presents itself as a high-end real estate agency, bearing an aura of a historical property consultancy. Upon closer examination, a whole world that has been destroyed begins to unpeel layer by layer, through stories of 28 Palestinians. Dream Homes exposes their loss, grief and pain, with a tragicomic edge. Personal tales of abrupt goodbyes, impossible reunions and suspended dreams intersect in this labyrinthine space, providing insight into the human experience of this conflict. Using a multitude of narrative forms, the work patiently and meticulously pieces together a world that was shattered in 1948.

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    • color / black and white
    • cross-platform
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    Alexandra Handal
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