Radio Kobanî

  • Reber Dosky
  • Netherlands, The
  • 2016
  • 72 min


The Syrian border town of Kobanî was occupied and destroyed by IS. When liberation came, 20-year-old Kurdish reporter Dilovan started a radio station. She and her friend Biter report on refugee camps, talk to survivors and interview fighters and musicians. The broadcasts seem to offer their listeners comfort and a sense of stability, as reconstruction gets underway and cautiously they dare to think about the future again. The film documents events in Kobanî over a three-year period, both during and after the fighting. Over subdued images of the war-torn town, Dilovan reads a letter to the child she hopes to have one day, describing the merciless terror to which IS subjected Kobanî and the terrible effects this has had on the lives of her friends and family. Slowly but surely, Dilovan is able to enjoy the lighter sides of life again: listening to music, flirting in the park, falling in love.

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  • 72 min
  • color
  • DCP
Reber Dosky
Jos de Putter for Dieptescherpte BV
Executive producer
Wink de Putter for Dieptescherpte BV, Reber Dosky
Nina Badoux
Xander Nijsten
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