Dani, Michi, Renato & Max

    • Richard Dindo
    • Switzerland
    • 1987
    Documentary search, in three chapters, to clarify the death of four boys who were part of 'Die Bewegung' in Zürich and who were all killed in tragic accidents which always involved police-officials.
    Dani and Michi were riding, without a helmet and at too high a speed, on a stolen moped through a town-quarter, and because of which they were persued by a police-patrol, and they made a fatal fall. Renato got injured by a shot from one of the police-officers dogging him in his stolen car. Subsequently, he went into a coma and, lying in hospital, was stabbed to death by his girl-friend. Max received a blow in the head from a police-man's club, as an impartial spectator, during a riot on the day of the closing down of the youth-center. Two years later, in Barcelona, he died of the consequences of that injury.
    The film has largely been built up from files on the youth-movement in Zürich which devoted itself to an autonomous youth-center in the city, minute reconstructions and frank statements by witnesses and relatives. Richard Dindo calls the shape he chose for in Dani, Michi, Renato & Max a criminalistic inquiry in which he, step by step, recovers the truth about the occurrences and reveals as well as criticizes the role of the media, the police and judicature. Besides, each viewer may consider him-or herself addressed for this documentary is, in general, a charge against the ease with which every one of us covers up and prefers to forget an inconvenient part of history.


    • color
    • 16mm
    Richard Dindo
    Richard Dindo
    Jung Hassler, Rainer Trinkler
    Georg Janett
    Dieter Gränicher

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