Die with Me

  • Dries Depoorter
  • Belgium
  • 2018
  • Interactive
  • DocLab Humanoid Cookbook, IDFA DocLab Spotlight, DocLab Program
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Die with Me is a chat room for smartphone users who have less than 5% battery life on their phone and are looking for offline peace. Only those with a battery that’s about to die can enter. They access the chatroom with a nickname and say goodbye to people in a similarly critical situation. People exchange their final thoughts, regrets and wishes, and scroll through a repository of afterthoughts left by others. At the Die with Me neon sign, visitors of the exhibition can read the chat messages left by people with a dying battery.

Created by Belgium media artist Dries Depoorter and developed in collaboration with David Surprenant, the app offers Android or iPhone users a platform to achieve peaceful closure. In his work, Depoorter often deals with the internet, privacy, surveillance, online identity and the relationship between humans and machines. Die with Me puts the spotlight on our relationship with our smartphones. It was presented in collaboration with IDFA Doclab.

This project is available in multiple platforms.


    Dries Depoorter
    Dries Depoorter
    David Surprenant

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    DocLab Humanoid Cookbook
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