D.M.B. 91

    • Alexei Khanjutin
    • Russia
    • 1991
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    D.m.b. 91 takes its audience to the inner world of the 'real' Red Army by showing the daily life in a tank division. In this documentary nothing remains concealed. It shows how new recruits are initiated in a most amusing and a most cruel way, it shows boredom, dissatisfaction, disorganization, racism, suicide... 'D.m.b.' means as much as leaving the service or demobilization. The film was shot during a year at a Siberian military base at the time of the downfall of the Berlin Wall and the first violent conflicts in rebellious Soviet republics.
    Initially, the film was heavily criticized by the military authorities and everything was being done to prevent its screening. With the help of other directors Alexei Khanjutin succeeded in showing it during the Leningrad Film Festival, where it was given the highest award.


    • color / black and white
    • 35mm
    Alexei Khanjutin
    Igor Tolstnov
    Victor Griberman
    Alexei Khanjutin, Natalia Dyogteva
    World Sales
    Independent Studio TTL

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