Saddam Speaks

    • Jon Alpert
    • United States
    • 1993
    • 27 min
    Jon Alpert sets out for Iraq with his shoulder-camera with the purpose of meeting Saddam Hussein. He comes into contact with Iraqis who tell him how they are trying to rebuild their lives. We see pictures of how it was and how it is now, after the war. Although particularly trade is improving, there is an acute shortage of medical care. What is striking is the cordiality and candour of the people. Possibly, this is caused by the equally candid and rather naïve approach of Alpert himself. He continues on his trip, until he reaches Baghdad. Initially, it seems impossible to arrange an interview with Saddam, until suddenly a 'high official' knocks on his door: in five minutes, now or never. A short while later the two men are facing each other across a table. Although Saddam genially evades Alpert's questions, the conversation in itself is of course unique. Alpert was very active, both during the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. He is one of the few who captured civilian casualties during the Gulf War, which cost him his job.


    • 27 min
    • color
    Jon Alpert
    Jon Alpert, MaryAnn de Leo
    Jon Alpert
    Jon Alpert
    Jon Alpert

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