• Orlando von Einsiedel
  • England
  • 2014
  • 104 min
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The vast Virunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo is internationally renowned for its biodiversity. A huge number of species live here, including the last mountain gorillas, but the preservation of nature in this area isn’t a priority for everyone. Following several years of relative political stability, the country faces a civil war owing to the rise of a new rebel movement. And far-reaching corruption is again becoming a problem, now that many people see an opportunity to make a quick buck from the activities of foreign multinationals looking to exploit the country’s mineral resources. The film follows a number of brave people, all of whom are doing their utmost to protect the park. Andre is the dedicated keeper of a number of young gorillas who have lost their parents at an early age – like Andre himself. Park ranger Rodrigue has seen several of his colleagues lose their lives through the violent actions of rebels or poachers. Emmanuel is the head of the park. He tries to keep up morale and resist attempts from outside to undermine his position. And Melanie is a French journalist who goes undercover to expose the plans of the SOCO oil company to look for oil in the park. They all work with remarkable dedication in circumstances that are a true threat to their lives.


  • 104 min
  • color
  • DCP
World Sales
Screening copy
Grain Media
Orlando von Einsiedel
Joanna Natasegara from Violet Films
Executive producer
Maxyne Franklin from BRITDOC Foundation, Jess Search from BRITDOC Foundation
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