Algorithmic Perfumery

    • Frederik Duerinck
    • Netherlands
    • 2018
    • Installation
    • DocLab Humanoid Cookbook, IDFA DocLab Spotlight, DocLab Program
    What if everybody could have their own personal scent? Generative perfume design is the emergence of the not too distant future. Custom scents are created by a machine learning algorithm based on the unique data we feed it, sowe become an active part of our perfume's creation process. Creator Frederik Duerinck previously made the award-winning multisensory installation Famous Deaths in which a famous person's last few living minutes were recreated by using scent.  

    In this early version of the Algorithmic Perfumery, the world of scent is explored again. This time by using the visitor's input to train the creative capabilities of the intelligent system. The AI will adapt and learn from every exchange. The outcome is a unique scent generated and compounded, on-site. By participating in the experience, visitors contribute to the on-going research to improve the system and reinvent the future of perfumery.



      • Spoken languages: No dialogue
      Created by
      Mark Meeuwenoord, Vincent Soffers
      Frederik Duerinck
      Screening copy
      Frederik Duerinck for Scentronix

      IDFA history

      DocLab Humanoid Cookbook
      IDFA DocLab Spotlight
      DocLab Program

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