66 Scenes from America

    • Jørgen Leth
    • Denmark
    • 1981
    • 42 min
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    66 SCENER FRA AMERIKA is a title that totally agrees with the contents. In 66 'images' filmmaker Jørgen Leth presents his vision of America, while avoiding traditional clichés and a narrative structure. In Leth's words:'It contains large and small things, events, people, thoughts and feelings.' In different scenes we see Andy Warhol eating a hamburger, the sun shining over the Tuscon and a man sitting on his trunk beside the highway. Leth about his choice of images: 'The attitude has been to register the things that fascinate us and put them in a surprising context.' The initial plan was to make a film with forty scenes, but once in America the filmmaker and the cameraman got so captivated by their method that they decided to add twentysix scenes.


    • 42 min
    • color
    • 35mm
    Jørgen Leth
    Ole John
    Dan Holmberg
    Kristian Levring
    Jan Juhler, Morning Passtorok
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