Crowley – Cowboy Up

    • Andre Hörmann
    • Germany
    • 2018
    • 15 min
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    At first sight, Crowley seems like a normal 14-year-old boy, but we soon learn that he’s gone through a lot in his young life. Fighting back tears, he tries to talk about his older brother Yancie, who died in a car accident, and his parents, who are now divorced.

    But Crowley isn’t about to let life get the better of him—he’s got a dream to make come true. He wants to be a good rodeo rider, just like Yancie. He practices with his father, but there aren’t enough of these intimate father-son moments now that his parents are no longer together. We watch as this small, vulnerable-looking boy bounces back and forth on the back of a wild horse, against the backdrop of Colorado’s dusty landscape. After all the time he has spent training and saving money, is he now ready to enter the arena on the back of a bull? Nothing scares Crowley as long as he feels the protective presence of his beloved brother.


    • 15 min
    • color
    • DCP
    Andre Hörmann
    Heike Kunze / Telekult Film- und Medienproduktion GmbH
    Executive producer
    Max Milhahn for Telekult Film- und Medienproduktion GmbH
    Thomas Bergmann
    Lucian Busse
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