Beginning Filmmaking

    • Jay Rosenblatt
    • United States, Finland
    • 2007
    • 23 min
    • International Premiere
    • Masters
    When Jay Rosenblatt gave his daughter Ella a video camera for her birthday last year, he was sure she would be able to make a film in a year's time. Ella understands that the basis of a good film is a great idea, but when she suggests to film herself while eating a lollypop and her father disagrees, the plan falls through. Ella's plan to film herself while watching TV, while others watch her watch TV, kindles his enthousiasm more. Rosenblatt records Ella's progress with his own camera, and we also get footage from Ella's own device - into which she talks, sings, tells stories, as well as shows off both her stuffed animals and her bad and cheerful moods. With aside comments, Rosenblatt shares his observations about the project. Ella understands that there are many different types of shots, and in the end she asserts, "I'm out of focus."


    • 23 min
    • color
    • video
    • Spoken languages: English
    • Subtitles in: English
    Jay Rosenblatt
    Jay Rosenblatt for Locomotion Films
    Thomas Logoreci, Ella Rosenblatt
    Jay Rosenblatt
    Jay Rosenblatt

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