Nothing Is Going to Happen
Nothing Is Going to Happen
IDFA 2013

Nothing Is Going to Happen

Er gaat niets gebeuren
Roeland van Doorn
12 min
World Premiere
Festival history
Initially, it looks like an episode of the British series . A security camera films a shop entrance from high above, and we see mainly pavement. An armed robber could walk into the shot at any moment, or someone might run off with the loot, but nothing happens. The next image is from a camera in a residential neighborhood. It looks like the camera is mounted on a roof, but once again, no burglars climb in or out of the window, although we do see a neighbor walking his dog. Cut to a narrow street with cars parked on both sides – the camera is pointing almost straight down. Artist Roeland van Doorn walks into view. Using a receiver, he collects the unencrypted signals from security cameras. He is also carrying a camera, with which he adds sound to the footage. The result is a view of the Netherlands, including interiors, provided by our own desire for surveillance.
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