The Cycle Club: A 10-Day Hormone Safari


  • Eefje Suijkerbuijk
  • Netherlands
  • 2021
  • Digital
  • World Premiere
  • DocLab: Liminal Reality, IDFA Doclab Spotlight

Why do we hardly ever talk about the monthly hormone cycle, when it affects half of the world’s population? Why is the subject still taboo? And why do we know so little about the biology behind it? The Cycle Club, consisting of host Dzifa Kusenuh and reporters Lize Korpershoek, Thorn Roos de Vries, and Fatima Warsame, dive deep into the topic in this multimedia project. They interview gynecologists and talk to people about their experiences, without shying away from taboos or personal sensitivities.

The club shares its findings via short online items and a ten-day “hormone safari” via their Telegram channel. The version presented during IDFA is based on the original 28-day version—the length of an average menstrual cycle. On each day, members receive an update on hormones on their smartphones through memes, short videos, interviews, audio messages, and graphics. The project covers everything you’ve always wanted to know about pain scales, types of blood, discharge, the influence of diet on your cycle, sex during menstruation, or the absence of a cycle—normalizing a candid conversation about the menstrual cycle once and for all.


  • Spoken languages: Dutch
  • Subtitles in: English
Eefje Suijkerbuijk
Annelies Termeer, Marlijn Aarts
Executive producer
Eritia De Jonghe for VPRO
Jikke Lesterhuis

IDFA history

World Premiere
DocLab: Liminal Reality
IDFA Doclab Spotlight

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