Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait
Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait
IDFA 2014

Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

Ma'al al-Fidda
Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Simav Bedirxan
France, Syria
93 min
Dutch Premiere
Festival history
While in political exile in Paris, the Syrian filmmaker Ossama Mohammed received an extraordinary Facebook message from the Kurdish teacher and activist Wiam Simav Bedirxan from Homs. “If you were here with your camera, what would you film?” Mohammed edited the material Simav shot herself in the besieged city together with excerpts from “1001” cell phone videos of heavy shelling and aerial bombardments. Blood flows – a great deal of blood. Citizens are tortured and executed, and no one can turn a blind eye any longer. But this is more than just a devastating documentary about the tribulations of ordinary Syrians. The reflective commentary also demonstrates what cinema can mean in the face of war. No matter how oppressive the atmosphere, it doesn’t affect Simav’s enthusiasm as she films. The film is dedicated to a little boy named Omar whom she also follows with her camera: a symbol for the future of the country. He skips through the shot, dodging snipers to lay a flower at his father’s grave. “Mom, take a look at how deep this one is,” he exclaims in wonder upon seeing a freshly excavated grave. Meanwhile, back in Paris, Mohammed is struggling with his impotent position as an outsider – yet another reason that these images must be shown.
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