Option Zero

    La Opción Cero

    • Marcel Beltrán
    • Cuba, Colombia, Brazil
    • 2020
    • 80 min
    • World Premiere
    • Luminous

    There are countless stories of Cubans reaching their dream destination of Florida as boat refugees. A lesser known route to the United States starts with a flight in a ramshackle plane to Guyana. Then the refugees travel to Colombia where they cross the jungle to arrive in Central America, from where they hope to reach the promised land of America—a hard and dangerous journey. Cuban filmmaker Marcel Beltrán visits them in a refugee camp in Panama, where one of the residents gives him an idea. Many people here have filmed their journey, she says, and these videos tell their real story.

    These jerky, shocking videos are interspersed with Beltrán’s footage of the camp, tangibly illustrating the difference between the hectic pace of the journey and the insecure life at the reception center. Will these displaced people be transferred to another location or will they be deported back to Cuba? A poignant portrait of a group of Cubans for whom living in their native country is no longer an option.


    • 80 min
    • color
    • DCP
    Marcel Beltrán
    Marcel Beltrán / Mediocielo Films, Paula Gastaud / Mediocielo Films
    Inercia Películas, Marinca Filmes
    Marcel Beltrán
    Marcel Beltrán

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    World Premiere

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