A Town Called Kozarac

    • Ed Harriman
    • England
    • 1993
    • 40 min
    The world was shocked by the reports from former Yugoslavia; especially on the 'ethnic cleansing', as certain malpractices were euphemistically called. What was really taking place was large-scale genocide. In this disturbing report, victims of the atrocities committed by Bosnian Serbs tell their story. Names of Serbs are given who were responsible for the inhumane policy and who are in power until this very day. In early 1993 the Bosnian Serbs seized power in Kosarac, in the north of the new state of Bosnia. Thousands of Muslims were rounded up and brought to camps where they were tortured. Since then, an unknown number of them has simply vanished. The Muslim houses in Kosarac were systematically destroyed and prominent members of the Muslim community, including doctors, business people and intellectuals, became the target of racist murders. Women and girls were raped by Serbian soldiers. In this film Bosnian Muslims, who managed to escape and now live in exile scattered all over Europe, tell their story. They give a description of the slow and systematic annihilation of their community. Thousands of their friends are still missing. One of them remembers that the Serbs enjoyed killing people slowly.


    • 40 min
    • color
    Ed Harriman
    Ed Harriman
    Paul Williams
    Terry Stapley
    Chris Stanway

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