• Steven Spielberg
    • United States, Canada, France
    • 2005
    • 164 min
    • Based on the Same Story
    In the wake of the 1972 bloodbath in Munich, when 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered after being taken hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September, Israel began a secret retaliatory action. Mossad agent Avner Kaufman (Eric Bana), inexperienced and with a pregnant wife at home, is asked to lead the mission. Steven Spielberg's feature takes over where the documentary One Day in September left off. We watch as American athletes unwittingly help the Palestinians scale the fence of the Olympic Village, as terrorist Jamal Al-Gashey explains in One Day. We see the fight in the apartment, the failed rescue attempt and the false news reports that followed. By hunting for key members of Black September, Kaufman gets the chance to protect his homeland and follow in the footsteps of his war-hero father. But the killing takes its toll on him, and with each murder the doubts, fears and the remaining hit list just seem to increase. Like One Day in September, Munich is told from the Israeli perspective, which is now both victim and seeker of retribution. Spielberg ventures to capture the larger story behind the bloodbath: the right to a homeland. In this way, Kaufman's mission is symbolic of a national trauma, and how that can engender a personal one.


    • 164 min
    • color
    • 35mm
    • Spoken languages: English
    Steven Spielberg
    Kathleen Kennedy, Barry Mendel, Colin Wilson, Steven Spielberg
    Janusz Kaminski
    Michael Kahn
    John Williams

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    Based on the Same Story

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