Famous Deaths

    • Frederik Duerinck, Marcel Brakel
    • Netherlands, The
    • 2015
    • 10 min
    • Physical
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    What exactly did John F. Kennedy, Lady Diana, Whitney Houston or Gaddafi experience right before their death? Their memory is still wandering around in our imagination, but we can only speculate about their last moments. What would it have been like to be there? The installation Famous Deaths brings the experience very close. Step into one of the mortuary chests and immerse yourself in a fragrance documentary of their last minutes. A fascination with the potency of smell in communication was the start of the development of this concept for Frederik Duerinck and Marcel Brakel. Although scent plays a crucial role in the formation of memories, smell is rarely considered in designs for media and stories. Because the tragic death of celebrities settles into our collective memory, Famous Deaths wants to offer a new perspective. Stripped of visual stimuli, the scent scenarios give you an intimate and personal experience. The fleeting moments that only your nose can catch become more prominent: the smell of the autumn wind, freshly mown grass, the leather seats and the perfume of Jackie Kennedy let you experience JFK's death as if you are digging it up from your own memory.


    • 10 min
    • color / black and white
    • cross-platform
    Frederik Duerinck, Marcel Brakel
    Mark Meeuwenoord, Wander Eikelboom, Ge Smit
    Frederik Duerinck for Avans Hogeschool Breda
    Screening copy
    Famous Deaths

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