Antonio + Silvana = 2

    • Simone Aleandri, Vanni Gandolfo, Luca Onorati
    • Italy
    • 2011
    • 71 min
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    They were once a couple, but good-natured Antonio was frightened off by Silvana's tempestuous and flamboyant character. And now, at the age of 77, Antonio is in a rest home and 60-year-old Silvana is trying to catch a glimpse of him. By turns angry and excited, Silvana talks to the documentary filmmakers who are following at her heels about her great love who is hiding from her. Silvana's peroxide hair and missing teeth make for a striking appearance that betrays her life of prostitution, drugs and reckless behavior. She deliberates loudly about Antonio's rejection of her and chalks messages to him on her walls - ranging from the obscene and offensive to the poetic and love-drenched. The inhabitants of Trastevere, an old neighborhood in the heart of Rome, look on with a mixture of irritation and amusement; there are those who fully support Silvana's quest, while others view her solely as a troublemaker. No one, however, can ignore her presence, and everyone who passes glances up at Silvana's ever-expanding message wall, which also features pictures of scantily clad ladies. Meanwhile, the object of her desire is playing a nice quiet game of cards, thinking his own thoughts.


    • 71 min
    • color
    • video
    Simone Aleandri, Vanni Gandolfo, Luca Onorati
    Vanni Gandolfo for Millanta Film S.R.L., Ilaria Sbarigia
    Vanni Gandolfo
    Luca Onorati
    Sebastián Escofet
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