I Am

  • Denise Kelm Soares
  • Cuba, Brazil
  • 2017
  • 12 min
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As the international press pours into Havana, Cuba to report on the death of Fidel Castro,  a little girl proudly holds a large cardboard sign over her head on the Plaza de la Revolución. In a fascinating shot lasting almost 12 minutes, we watch this girl—braids, red dress, white knee socks, fighting against the wind—as she experiences her moment in the spotlight. We can’t see what's written on the sign because she's being filmed from behind. Armed with cameras and cell phones, the people around her are taking countless photos and uninvited selfies with her. As the minutes tick by, our unease grows. Placed in the role of an ignorant spectator, we have time to contemplate the omnipresence of the camera—and we become desperate to know what’s written on that sign.


  • 12 min
  • color
  • DCP
Denise Kelm Soares
Matheus Mello, Denise Kelm Soares for Haver Filmes
Executive producer
Matheus Mello
Denise Kelm Soares
Denise Kelm Soares
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