We Are the Thousand

  • Anita Rivaroli
  • Italy
  • 2020
  • 78 min
  • International Premiere
  • Frontlight

Fabio Zaffagnini has a dream: to get his favorite band Foo Fighters to play live in his Italian home city Cesena. But how can he persuade this world-famous group to come? By getting a thousand musicians together to play their song “Learn to Fly” as a tribute to them, that’s how.

Fabio’s mission seems impossible. How can they ever get enough money together? How can they find enough suitable musicians? An appeal on YouTube brings in a flood of moving stories from dedicated guitarists, singers, and drummers—most of whom are amateurs doing very different jobs in daily life. But now, like Fabio, they’ve decided this is the moment to pursue their dream.

After a year of preparations, everyone taking part in the Rockin’ 1000 event has come together. Each and every one of them – the punk, the retiree, the teen, and the teacher—are euphoric to be members of the biggest rock band in history (after just a single successful day’s rehearsal). The video of their performance soon goes viral, and gets noticed by Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters. A feelgood film about pipe dreams, pluck, and perseverance.


  • 78 min
  • DCP
Anita Rivaroli
Simone Catania for Indyca, Francesca Portalupi for Indyca
Primitive Entertainment
Pasquale Remia
Roberto di Tanna

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International Premiere

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