Learn more about accreditation at IDFA

    Depending on your professional activities in the documentary field and your interest, IDFA offers a variety of passes providing access to the festival, IDFAcademy, and IDFA’s markets Docs for Sale and IDFA Forum.

    Accreditation is now open for IDFAcademy—please scroll down for more info. All other accreditations will be available from September 1. Please take careful note of our guidelines below before filling in our accreditation form.

    The deadline for accreditation for film professionals is October 10. Late entry fees may apply. Please note that different deadlines apply for application to IDFAcademy and IDFA Forum.

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    Rules and regulations 2020

    We are in the process of finalizing our accreditation scheme for IDFA 2020. More information will follow soon.

    Late registration
    The official deadline for accreditation is October 10. Registration is still possible after this date; however, the processing of your forms as well as your listing on our online guest list may be delayed.

    If you need to cancel, please notify us as soon as possible by e-mailing For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    No refund policy
    For all cancellations received after November 4th, IDFA handles a no refund policy.

    The applicant will guarantee to have secured clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted accreditation for all purposes for which the material will be used, including the online Guest List, printed passes and printed/online festival related information guides. The applicant will guarantee to hold IDFA harmless from any claims from copyright holders in relation to use of the submitted material. IDFA reserves the right to disqualify any accreditation with unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted materials.

    IDFAcademy program online

    €125 excl. 9% VAT

    IDFAcademy is open to emerging filmmakers and producers. Selection will be based on the information you provide and will be made mid-October. The deadline for application to IDFAcademy is September 1.

    This pass gives access to:

    • the official IDFAcademy program online, November 19 - 25
    • company profiles, strand profiles, biographies and contact information of accredited guests through our online guest list
    • all rights of the IDFA Festival accreditation 2020 (details will follow as soon as possible)