Exploring documentary storytellling in the age of the interface

    DocLab is IDFA's program for new media, showcasing the best interactive non-fiction storytelling and exploring how the digital revolution is reshaping documentary art. Through an annual exhibition, the Interactive Conference and a series of Live Cinema Events, DocLab also explores the borders between our physical and virtual realities and unravels today's digital world.

    In 2007, IDFA started the new media program DocLab. Social media and smartphones were just taking off, and all around the world new forms of interactive storytelling and digital art were emerging, with documentary artists often leading the way. Since then, isolated experiments became emerging genres, from multimedia journalism to interactive documentary, data art and virtual reality. 

    DocLab has developed into one of the leading platforms showcasing interactive non-fiction storytelling and documentary art. Every November, DocLab becomes a hub for this expanding industry, offering a host of networking events and training programs. Throughout the year, IDFA DocLab maintains an online database for digital storytelling and regularly presents showcases at other festivals, such as SXSW, the Berlinale, the Cannes Film Festival, Tribeca and World Press Photo.