1. What is IDFA DocLab?

    IDFA’s new media program DocLab has been exploring the art of interactive and immersive non-fiction since 2007. Over the years, IDFA DocLab has developed into one of the leading platforms for interactive documentary art and storytelling. Every year, we commission new pieces, initiate collaborations between artists, and offer a wide range of industry activities to support those shaping the landscape of emerging media and art. During the festival we showcase the best new interactive documentary art through two competition programs, a physical exhibition, and a series of experimental live events to present undefined art forms to a wider audience.

    2. When does IDFA DocLab take place?

    This year IDFA will take place between 18 and 29 November, with IDFA DocLab running from the 20th to the 29th.

    3. How do I attend IDFA DocLab?

    The DocLab program offers events accessible to the general audience as well as industry events, some are invite only. This year, all festivities and industry events for the international new media community are moving online into various browser-based environments and in virtual worlds. If cinemas and museums will indeed reopen on 19 November we will still offer a selection of physical screenings and performances for local Amsterdam audiences. For the most up to date information on the extended program, including events and exhibition, please see www.idfa.nl/donottouch

    4. Can I submit my project to IDFA DocLab 2021?

    Details about submissions to the 2021 edition of IDFA will be published in the new year.

    5. Where does the IDFA DocLab exhibition take place?

    Unlike other years, a large part of the program can be found online. The exhibition, the opening night, and various other live events and performances can be experienced across different online platforms and will be accessible worldwide. The exhibition is freely accessible from anywhere in the world from 20 – 29 November. Digital doors will open on the evening of 20 November. More information on the program can be found here: www.idfa.nl/donouttouch.

    6. Can I bring someone without a ticket along to any do {not} touch live performances or screenings on location?

    Our do {not} touch locations are only accessible with a ticket, it is not possible to bring someone with you without a ticket. Tickets can be bought online. If you have tickets and come together, please read our corona protocol carefully.

    7. What is DocLabs’ protocol on VR installations and Covid-19 safety measures?

    Strong measures are in place to make the immersive experiences at Tolhuistuin safe to use. This includes special facemasks, physical distancing and full disinfection of all headsets and controllers after each use with UVC light. You’ll be assisted by one of our crew members, which keeps 1,5 meter distance to you and will wear a mask. Disposable VR facemasks are available for extra safety.

    8. Do I need to register on arrival at a DocLab location?

    Yes, in addition to a ticket, you will also need to register by scanning a QR-code at the entrance and filling out a short form that will appear. We will check if the form is filled out before you enter.

    9. Can I have a drink or eat something at Tolhuistuin?

    Unfortunately Tolhuistuin is currently not serving drinks or food. It’s not allowed to bring your own. We kindly ask you to eat or drink outside.

    10. I’m in Amsterdam, can I buy tickets to a do {not} touch project on location?

    No, this year all of our ticket-sales are online. Please visit our How to attend do {not} touch page (https://www.idfa.nl/en/info/how-to-attend-do-not-touch) for more information. You can buy a time-slot to the VR films and experiences at Tolhuistuin here.

    11. Are there any do {not} touch events that are freely accessible?

    Yes, the following online live events are free and accessible from anywhere in the world: do {not} touch: Opening Night feat. 7 Sounds, do {not} touch: Confined Infinity, do {not} touch: Home is where the art is, do {not} touch: Symbiotic Bodies. Please reserve a free ticket.

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