Watch films online

    Free collection
    Did you know that, for several years now, we have a collection of IDFA films and new media projects you can watch online? If not, we invite you to take advantage of it now. Within the Netherlands there are about 300 titles available for free. Outside the Netherlands there are almost 200. See the free selection here.

    A small fee
    Want more? You can also watch about 500 more projects for a small fee. Your contribution goes directly to the filmmaker, distributor, or other rights holder of the film. All we do is collect films and projects from previous festival editions on our website, because we think they should be seen.

    IDFA tips
    Not sure where to start? Take a look at some tips from the IDFA programmers, or watch a selection of IDFA films that were scheduled to be cinemas but are now available online (only in the Netherlands).

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    A heartfelt thank you to all the filmmakers who made their film available. Stay tuned for new arrivals, pathways through the collection, and more.

    Quarantine or no quarantine. Happy watching!