Innovations in (online) distribution – part III
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Innovations in (online) distribution – part III

Innovations in (online) distribution – part III

Industry Talk
90 min

Hosted by Creative Europe desk NL

During the Industry Talk in November 2020, we asked the question: Will there be a role for virtual cinema, that arose opportunistically during the lockdowns, in the future? We also canvassed audience's appetites for docs from VOD platforms, library and new business models developing. In 2021, we looked back on the major changes and challenges in distribution caused by the pandemic and looked ahead to see which changes were there to stay. This year, we look into how stay-at-home habits can potentially clash with a desire to return to the physical cinema.

The cinemas have opened but the physical market hasn’t restored yet. Worldwide theatrical markets are still down with about 30% and top 5 films dominate the box office. The tendency is to concentrate on how many bums are on the seats. But what could hybrid distribution bring the industry in terms of audience engagement, audience growth, and artistic development? How can virtual cinema, or theatrical with other types of VOD companion angles (including TVOD/SVOD/AVOD), help torpedo distributors and cinemas into the next era and how will it help filmmakers build an audience?

Speakers: Anke van Diejen (Picl), Anna Germanidi (Modern Films) and Esther van Messel (First Hand Films)

Moderator: Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff, NL)