Een statement van IDFA tegen racisme

    De Black Lives Matter-beweging zette de strijd tegen racisme de afgelopen weken wereldwijd op de kaart. Ook wij zijn bij onszelf te rade gegaan over onze rol in dit geheel. Lees ons volledige statement hieronder (in het Engels).

    In response to the Black Lives Matter Movement, which is leading the way and bringing to focus many other ongoing and connected movements against racism around the world, we hereby commit to taking direct and serious steps in combatting anti-Black racism, as well as all other forms of racism, locally and globally. We commit to contributing to a better future for the film industry and to intensifying our efforts to become a festival for all audiences.

    No matter how much we have worked on these issues before, we acknowledge that we have not done enough. We can and must do better.

    We believe that art, and documentary art in particular, is the language that can make us realize the unity of the human condition, the strength that we can all find through embracing our pluralism, and the necessity of our open and uncompromised solidarity.

    We acknowledge that the film industry does not yet reflect this belief. Despite the fact that we have always worked on these important issues, we acknowledge today that we are part of the problem and we commit to being part of overcoming it.

    We want to strengthen and enrich every juncture of our decision-making processes with inspiring persons of under-represented regions, backgrounds and identities. They will not only be the subject of our programming, in films, film subjects, projects, speakers or jurors, but an integral part of brainstorming our visions, designing our programs, selecting our films and projects and defining our positions and policies.

    It has been said before: Race is a derivative of Racism, not the other way around.

    The Team of IDFA