Pathways: film selections to watch at home

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    • April 1, 2020
    • By the staff

    To guide you through our online catalogue of films, we've compiled a couple of selections, tailored to the current situation. You can find them below.

    Pathway: Secluded, but shortly

    In such strange times, loneliness seems to be the scariest. For many of us, staying home was a cozy dream we had when our workload got too crazy. Now, we have to think, "be careful what you wish for!". The protagonists of these films had various reasons to stay at home—some forced, some by choice—but anyway, life went on. We hope they help us all relax and share moments with them, laugh and cry with them, and think with them. The films in this program are all short or medium length. Not only because we love short form documentary works. We also want to plant a new wish: that this collective experience ends soon. See the selection here.

    Pathway: Solidarity in times of social distancing

    In a time when “social distancing” is the motto, we are all discovering that "solidarity" should be the word. We need to maintain physical distance from one another now, but we will not overcome this crisis as individuals. We need our open understanding of humanity as a whole. For this reason, we have put together this program of films from our online collection. We invite you to spend a moment thinking about the many forms of distancing that we created before—between peoples, families, nations, and classes—and to make sure we keep our sights on the essence of being human. We are distancing, but we are not alone. Distancing might have been our biggest problem in the first place, and now, we have to fight fire with fire. See the selection here.

    Pathway: Profession: Jounalist

    Today, the truth is elusive. It is obscured by fake news, algorithms, and echo chambers, making the job of journalists more noble and urgent than it’s ever been before. Here, we meet some of the people who see truth-telling as their calling—voices of clarity that rise above the mediated noise. See the selection here.

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