IDFA Bertha Fund announces new IBF Europe – Minority Co-production selection

    The IDFA Bertha Fund is delighted to support six new documentary projects through the IDFA Bertha Fund Europe – Minority Co-production funding scheme. This round marks a new departure point for this category, as the co-production scheme has turned into a minority co-production scheme, which means that the Fund only accepted applications from producers that are involved as minority co-producers on the project. The Fund is awarding an amount of 40,000 euro to each selected project, in addition to offering year-round opportunities for connecting with IDFA’s professional network.

    New structure

    With this new approach for IBF Europe, the Fund set out to encourage European producers to participate as minority-producers in high-quality documentary projects by filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Oceania. When bringing in a new partner, however, power dynamics within a co-operation often change, especially if the new co-production partner comes from a production environment with a stronger industry infrastructure. Since the start of IBF Europe, the overall goal has been not only to give more agency, decision-making power, equality and financial gain to producers coming from the IBF countries, but also to encourage fair co-production practices around the world.

    IBF Europe's new structure aims to create new foundations for these effective, equitable co-production practices. As this round of funding showcases, this brings about an enriching atmosphere, which sees directors from countries such as India and Ecuador collaborating with producers from Western and Northern European countries.

    Find this year's selected projects below. For a detailed account with regards to the regulations for applicants, see here.

    Selected projects

    Company of Steel (Ukraine, Latvia)
    dir. Yuliia Hontaruk
    co-prod. Babylon’13, VFS Films

    After enduring the horrors of the war in Eastern Ukraine since 2014, three young veterans return home. As they struggle to find their place in daily life as civilians, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 throws them right back into the trauma they have tried so hard to escape.

    Displaced (Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden)
    dir. Olha Zhurba
    co-prod Moon Man, Final Cut for Real

    Sound-driven, immersive cinema where the body of war-torn Ukraine is the main character.

    Farming the Revolution (India, France, Norway)
    dir. Nishtha Jain
    co-prod. Raintree Films, Little Big Story, Piraya Film

    Farming the Revolution takes us to the heart of the massive year-long protest against the Indian government's unjust farm laws. Living among the half million farmers, the film crew makes us experience the daily texture and indomitable spirit of this historic farmers’ movement until, finally, victory!

    No Other Land (Palestine, Norway)
    dir. Yuval Abraham, Hamdan Balal, Basel El-Adara, Rachel Shor
    co-prod. Yabayay Media, Antipode Films

    For ten years, Basel, a young Palestinian activist, has been filming his community being destroyed by Israeli soldiers. During the darkest time of his life, in face of mass eviction, he develops an unlikely, intimate relationship with a similarly aged Israeli journalist - who joins his struggle.

    Ozogoche (Ecuador, Belgium)
    dir. Joe H Silva
    co-prod. Boton Films, Serendipity Films

    The Cuvivi bird migrates from North America to the Ecuadorian highlands. They dive into the Ozogoche Lakes, ending their journey in a collective suicide. The locals await the flock with rituals and celebrations, while they linger for the return of their loved ones who migrated in the opposite direction.

    Testament (Kenya, Portugal, United States, Germany)
    dir. Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu
    co-prod. Twende Pictures, Afrofilms International Ltd, Muiraquitã Filmes, Autentika Films

    A Kenyan woman's search for her father's remains becomes an investigation into British colonial atrocities including concentration camps and land theft. As her personal mission expands, she transforms into a powerful advocate for justice and land resettlement.

    Selection committee

    Giedrė Žickytė (Director, Producer at Moonmakers), Hanne Phlypo (Producer at Clin d’Oeil Films), Jorge Caballero Ramos (Producer at Gusano Films), Armi Rae Cacanindin (Producer at Cinematografica Films), Isabel Arrate Fernandez (Deputy Director, IDFA & Managing Director, IDFA Bertha Fund)

    Upcoming deadline

    The next deadline is 1 April 2023. The application form will be available online towards the end of February 2023. More details to follow.

    Picture on top: Ozogoche by dir. Joe H Silva

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