Sergei Loznitsa presents his IDFA Top 10 at Metrograph, New York

    The Top 10 program compiled by Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa for IDFA 2016 is travelling to New York. The Metrograph theatre will be screening Loznitsa's selection on July 27-31.

    The program includes several classic films which are rarely shown outside of the former USSR, as well as Loznitsa's own The Event and a program of three of his shorts.

    “In 2016, I was asked by IDFA film festival in Amsterdam to compile a program of ‘top 10’ films", Loznitsa says. "I thought that this would be a brilliant opportunity to include in the selection some films that are virtually unknown outside of the former USSR and even films that have never been screened abroad, and which are very dear to me. My idea was to show the works of the directors whose style and manner are close to mine, and also some films which have – at different moments of my life and in different ways – left a strong impression on me.”

    Loznitsa's Top 10:

    • 13 Days. Industrial Party Process (Yakov Poselsky)
    • Conscience (Vladimir Denisenko)
    • I dimenticati (Vittorio De Seta)
    • Facing the Judgement of History (Fridrikh Ermler)
    • From the East (Chantal Akerman)
    • I Don't Know (Krzysztof Kieslowski)
    • Koma (Nijole Adomenaite, Boris Gorlov)
    • A Little Monastery in Tuscany (Otar Iosseliani)
    • Lullaby (Dziga Vertov)
    • The War Game (Peter Watkins)

    13 Days. Industrial Party Process

    • Yakov Poselsky
    • 1930
    • 44 min

    A dozen men are on trial for crimes against the Russian Revolution in 1930. They confess, but what are we really watching here?


    • Vladimir Denisenko
    • 1989
    • 78 min

    What would your conscience tell you to do if the choice was between your own life and that of an entire village?

    I dimenticati

    • Vittorio De Seta
    • 1959
    • 20 min

    As winter recedes, life returns to an isolated Italian mountain village. The locals prepare for the “Spar Ceremony.”

    Facing the Judgement of History

    • Fridrikh Ermler
    • 1965
    • 93 min

    A dialogue between a Soviet historian and Vasily Shulgin, a key figure of the White movement, reveals the complexity behind Shulgin's ideals and the evolution of his thought.

    From the East

    • Chantal Akerman
    • 1993
    • 115 min

    Slow cinema at its best, this is a visual account of travels through Eastern Europe shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union – a world about to undergo radical changes.

    I Don't Know

    • Krzysztof Kieslowski
    • 1977
    • 47 min

    A Polish whistleblower revealed corruption at a leather factory. This is the testimony of a man who turned against the system he was once part of.


    • Nijole Adomenaite, Boris Gorlov
    • 1989
    • 62 min

    In the inhumane Gulag camps, which are depicted with brutal realism, Maria will have to choose between her child and the man she loves. 

    A Little Monastery in Tuscany

    • Otar Iosseliani
    • 1988
    • 54 min

    A portrait of the everyday lives of five Augustinian monks in a small monastery, the inhabitants of the surrounding countryside and residents of a nearby town in Tuscany.


    • Dziga Vertov
    • 1937
    • 58 min

    One of the last films by editing maestro Dziga Vertov, this documentary is dedicated to “the women of the Soviet Union” – it features both radiant mothers, and of course Stalin.

    The War Game

    • Peter Watkins
    • 1965
    • 48 min

    A fictional account of a nuclear attack on southern England, which in 1965 abruptly awakened its audience to the threat of nuclear war.