If You Eat Garlic, You Get Full
If You Eat Garlic, You Get Full
IDFA 2011

If You Eat Garlic, You Get Full

Tamim Abdullah
10 min
World Premiere
Festival history
Three boys wander around a large town in Afghanistan. They hang around and look for empty bottles and cans to recycle, which they carry in a big bag slung over their back. It might get them some money for food. During their walk through town, they talk about what's on their minds, like for instance the new school that might be built. Who knows, they might even get lunch there. Although their situation is pretty dire, the film is mainly a profile of three good friends - real boys. A bit camera-shy when filmed up-close, full of bravado when the director takes some distance, and endearing as they discuss whether or not to eat a few garlic cloves. It's all they have to eat, but it gives you such bad breath. Every now and then, the director asks his protagonists for an explanation, such as why they share a loaf of bread they just got with a boy they don't know. One of them answers very matter-of-factly: "As God gives to us, we must give to his people."
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    Zocalo Cultural Development
    Zocalo Cultural Development
Executive producer