With Fidel Whatever Happens
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With Fidel Whatever Happens
IDFA 2011

With Fidel Whatever Happens

Con Fidel pase lo que pase
Goran Radovanovic
47 min
International Premiere
Festival history
An old man is driving around on his decades-old motorcycle with sidecar. He often has to get off to get the engine running again. He seems resigned to the situation, and never gets annoyed. A dentist is on his way to his first patient of the day. The bus isn't running, so he has to hitch a ride on horseback and wade through a river. The van that does eventually pick him up gets stuck in the middle of the jungle. Yet he goes on without complaining, as if he hasn't just been to hell and back. A middle-aged couple is sitting quietly at the breakfast table. In the background, someone is talking on the phone. It's not a family member, but one of the many neighbors using the only "public" phone in the area. These and all the other inhabitants of Sierra Maestra, Cuba are unperturbed by daily inconveniences such as these. The three stories unravel on the day of the 52nd anniversary of the Revolution. The images speak for themselves, and there are no interviews, conversations, or voice-overs. A few fragments from the news on TV showing people celebrating contrast sharply with the adventures of these locals. What will their lives be like tomorrow, when the big party is over?
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